How to choose a photo booth for your wedding?

In this article, I will give you some tips to guide you in choosing the perfect photo booth for your wedding reception. I will not go into decorations but only the technical part for a photo booth that will delight your guests

The printing

Some machines allow you to print the pictures taken, and this is obviously what makes the difference between a simple stand-up device (or self-service disposable devices), and a real machine designed for that. The offer may sometimes be more expensive since the coup of consumables comes to add to the initial benefit but see the faces light up when your guests put their picture in their pocket to leave with a souvenir is priceless! And you can even illustrate your guestbook or photo album. Number of instant photo booth malaysia

photo booth for your wedding


The small bonus with photo booth printing is that in addition to having a printed photo you can customize it to the image of your evening, add your names, the date or even a logo that represents your union. The responsiveness and quality of the customization proposals that you make the provider must be aligned with your expectations. The best use the services of a graphic designer and you will do something perfect! If so, go for it!

The operator

Some companies offer a turnkey solution. That is to say that you recover the machine in their premises or that it is delivered to you, then you manage. This solution may seem attractive from a price point of view, but in case of technical problems, you can be caught off guard. Because even if there is a helpline 24/7 nobody wants to spend his time on the phone with someone to troubleshoot a recalcitrant machine. The operator is, therefore, good insurance, and also, he guides the guests in the use of the device.