Draw a Conclusion with Desktop Memory Utilized in Laptops

Unfortunately except in very finite situations, desktop computer memory cannot be used it laptops as laptop computer memory cannot be used in desktop computers. There are a number of reasons behind this and also to figure out why I suggest that you read the more answer below. Should you be struck for time however, just remember, laptop memory upgrades cannot be utilized as desktop memory updates and vice versa since they change in size.

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To appreciate why it is not feasible to use laptop computer memory in desktops and vice versa, we all need to eliminate the single facet that violates this rule. In the very old days when laptops were only just appearing they used memory which came on SIMM’s, otherwise called Single-Inline-Memory-Modules. These were really the same used in desktop computers at the moment, either in 30pin or 72pin configurations. As laptops entered mainstream and so became less of a brick and much more of a mobile tool did this aspect change.


Ever since laptops became main stream they have used a version of the identical computer memory used in desktop computers. Because of this it is typical for you to stumble upon model names like PC2100, PC2700, PC3200, PC2-3200, PC2-5300, and more recently PC3-8500 etc. which you also find in desktop memory. The main reason for the all important why is that laptops are merely a subset of personal computers. They are designed around the same principles thus use a string of the exact technologies. The why behind the reason why they take advantage of a broad assortment of joint technologies is a subject by it, but for now the easiest way for one to think about this is that as a consequence of them, they are made compatible and so can run the exact same software and utilize very similar hardware.

From the above we know that the key differentiator does not lie inside the memory technology. PC2100 DDR memory in laptop computers is just the same as PC2100 DDR memory in desktop computers, and the same is true for PC2-5300 DDR2 laptop and PC2-5300 DDR2 desktop etc. The difference is in fact in the memory module. If you remember from above, really old laptops used memory which came on 30/72pin SIMM’s, as desktops did back in the day. Modern laptop computer memories comes on DIMM’s, otherwise called Dual-Inline-Memory-Modules and see this site for more information.